Real Live Food is made with non-GMO and ethically sourced ingredients. All of our grab-and-go products provide a gluten-free meal that makes healthy eating accessible and delicious. We are proud to encourage ecologically-sound business practices by supporting local organic farmers, distributors and sustainably viable fisheries.

Real Live Food started off as Tsunami Sushi, a small company that has provided quality, organic vegan sushi to the Willamette Valley for nearly 30-years. In the past 2-years, we have evolved this small organic business by expanding Tsunami Sushi's product line to include seasonal vegetables, tempeh and smoked salmon. In an effort to continue to diversify our gluten-free meal options, Real Live Food is proud to introduce Radical Wraps.

Radical Wraps are in alignment with a growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of minimizing processed foods in our diets. As an alternative to sandwiches & burritos, we offer grab-and-go Paleo wraps hand-crafted with savory fillings packed in a nutrient-rich collard green – a fresh, green envelope for gluten-free goodness. Radical Wraps include fermented krauts and soaked sunflower seeds to promote healthy digestion and a variety of flavors, including salmon, sourced with integrity.