Real Live Food

is made with organic, non-GMO, and ethically sourced ingredients. All of our grab-and-go products provide a gluten-free meal that makes healthy eating accessible and delicious. We are proud to encourage ecologically-sound business practices by supporting local organic farmers, distributors, and sustainably viable fisheries.


In the beginning

our founders created Tsunami Sushi, a high-quality vegan, organic product and served all over the Willamette Valley. In the past 4 years, we have evolved this small organic business by expanding Tsunami Sushi's product line to include collard green wraps. Now we are perfecting our recipes and expanding our vision to serve all conscious consumers in the Pacific Northwest.


Our products

are in alignment with the growing awareness of the impact our diets have on our well-being. As an alternative to sandwiches & burritos, we offer grab-and-go foods hand-crafted with original sauces and recipes. We ferment our own sauerkraut and activate sunflower seeds every week to promote healthy digestion. Our ingredients are all sourced from compassionate local partners who all have a stake in giving you the best Oregon has to offer.